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Our first meeting is free and it enables me to assess the project and you to assess me. I'll look at the site and hear some of your initial ideas about it. Show me pictures of designs you like, if you have any. I'll give you a ballpark estimate of the design fee. Then you will look at my portfolio of past projects.

Prior to beginning design work, you will receive a Landscape Design Agreement which will detail the estimated services and fees. You will also receive a detailed questionnaire about your landscape needs, desires and tastes. This will be the time to let your imagination run wild and think outside the box. Remember, you're looking for a landscape to love and one that is a true reflection of you.

The design process will begin with measuring the site. If you have a site map, it should be provided. This will save initial time and cost. Large sites may need to be surveyed. This results in higher up-front costs, but usually saves time and money in the long run. I'll let you know this at the first meeting.

I will then create a preliminary conceptual plan. It will reflect layout ideas and will be more about the functions of the landscape and less about individual plants.

Sample Landscape Plan

We'll meet again to discuss the preliminary plan. We will meet and I'll refine the design as many times as necessary to create the final plan, which will include layout, plants, and materials. I truly encourage your input at all stages of the design process. The final plan can be taken to a landscape contractor to bid and install or you can install the landscape yourself.

The design fee will include site measurement, sketches and drafting, preliminary and final layouts, creation of plant and materials lists, and all client consultations after the preliminary meeting. The contract does not include consultations with contractors and others after completion of the design, which will be billed on an hourly basis.

There is a retainer fee of 25% of the estimated total design fee, as detailed in the Landscape Design Agreement. This retainer is due with the signed agreement.

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